Who to Manage on Football Manager

February 18th, 20164 commentsGuides
The seasoned Football Manager will have clocked up a significant number of hours in front of their computer screen, scouting players and perfecting tactics season after season. It requires a big investment of time but can provide huge rewards too if you can find a team that will challenge you and capture your imagination.

Sometimes choosing a team can be a challenge on its own. Who should you be? Why? What’s the connection? What can I achieve? There are wide-ranging reasons as to why we eventually settle on a team. It might be the team you support, some people like to start at the very bottom and work their way up, some enjoy a ‘journeyman’ save while others develop a nostalgic connection to a club or country.

Each season there’s usually a few obvious saves that capture the imagination, taking Rangers back to the top tier of Scottish football after they went in to administration back in 2012, returning Juventus to Champions League glory after being relegated in 2006 for their involvement in match fixing. These are always good to look up before a season starts.

A personal favourite of mine is to manage clubs in locations that I’ve visited on my holidays. These include Club Brugge (Belgium) and Antalyaspor (Turkey) in recent years. Buying the shirt while I’m there is another ritual of mine. As an Englishman I also have an affection for the English game and enjoy taking a club from either the Championship or League 1 up to the Premiership, at which point I often lose interest.

What’s your method for choosing a club? Are you a manager who needs a pot of cash? Or are you a manager who likes to build a club from the ground up, focusing on developing your own talent? What are some of your all time favourite saves and why?

I’d love to hear your views so let me know in the comments below.

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  • My method for choosing a team usually goes something like this: I have to like their badge enough, colors as well. Read up on history of that club, see if anything sticks out ie team got relegated and have never returned to top league. See if they have any well known players in their side, or coaches. And last, just see if I like the league they are in.

    Comment by Alex Sizemore (19/02/2016)
  • Yeah looking at a clubs history and past glories is something I do too. It’s quite inspiring to look back on a club like Nottingham Forrest for example, review the success they had with Brian Clough and think… imagine if I could get them back to that level. A challenge with real purpose gives you something to work towards and draws you in emotionally. The constant in choosing a team for most people seems to be that connection, whatever it may be.

    Comment by Manager Diary (20/02/2016)
  • With me it is more about my “character” in FM. I tend to slip into a role, and then decide what “he” would do. MrBadDragon is me – no real ability so he starts off as a journeyman.

    Dimitrios Niewkoop on the other hand is an ex professional footballer obsessed with glitz and glamour and so likes places where there is money, glitz and women – always women.

    Another thing which adds variety is choosing the world in your save. Like only enabling countries connected to Hungary, or if you get additional leagues, trying a save like “Deepest, Darkest Africa”.

    Comment by MrBadDragon (08/03/2016)
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